Truths for 2020

Truths for 2020

We have started our first series for 2020!

In the world of fake news, alternative facts and post truth, we need some eternal truths to hold on to. The book of Philippians has a whole bunch of these great truths which we are looking at in our new series Truths for 2020. These truths are just as important, just as relevant, just as powerful, just as true today as when they were written 2000 years ago.

You might recognise some of them:

To live is Christ / Began a good work / Become like Him / Christ strengthens me / can do all things / Supply all my needs / Don’t look back / Think excellent thoughts / Win the prize / Don’t be anxious / Run the race / Pray about everything / Worthy of the gospel / Shine like stars / To know Christ

The sermons are all available on our website,  go and listen online!