The NBC Advent Tree–Week One: Preparation & Hope


The Advent Tree is our opportunity to reflect together as a church community on what we look forward to in the coming of Christ into the world.

Each week we will spend a short time in the service thinking about a certain theme, with a Bible reading and a short comment about it, and a prayer.

We will send out a reminder of this during the week by email and social media.


Then before/after the service or during the week, you can come up to the tree and put on a tag or decoration.

Each week we will provide tags that relate to the theme from the week before.

First Sunday in Advent

Theme: Preparation & Hope

Today is special because it is the beginning of a new season. We call this season “Advent.” “Advent” is a word that means “to come.” It is a time when we get ready, preparing ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child. We should get our hearts ready by thinking about Him and the reason that He came into the world.

Reading: Isaiah 40: 1- 8.   Click here to read:;CCB


Reflection: Today the tree stands bare. It is beautiful in shape but it doesn’t have any leaves or colour.  What does it remind you of? Does it make you think of the winter that you have just been through, when the leaves fall off the tree, it’s cold and wet. It might make you think of people or situations you have struggled with over the last while.  Just like the people in our reading today, we know of people, it may be ourselves, who have had hard times, and they waiting in hope for something new.  Throughout this week, think about someone or a situation that needs the Hope that Christ brings into their lives.

You might write a name, or a word or a short prayer, and bring it to be placed on the tree for next week.


Prayer time: Ask God to help us make room for Jesus in our hearts and in our home.

Pray for those people or situations that are experiencing need, pain and want. Ask Him how He would like you to respond to these things.


Reminder: Come along to church a few minutes early this Sunday. Pick up a tag from the table in the foyer, write on it, and attach it to the Advent Tree before or after the service.


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