Confident Christianity Conference

Thinking Matters



24TH – 25TH APRIL 2015

Does God exist? Why is there so much suffering? Is truth relative?
Are science & faith enemies?

Can you give both intellectually and emotionally satisfying answers to these questions? Can you defend the Christian faith in a reasonable and compassionate way? Are you able to represent Christ’s message of hope, rescue and unfathomable love, even in the face of doubt and skepticism?

Join us this ANZAC weekend where a line-up of top international and local speakers will sensitively and skilfully respond to the biggest objections that Christians encounter today – and equip you to live out a confident, yet gracious faith in your everyday life.

N O R T H C O T E   B A P T I S T   C H U R C H

6 7   E B A N   A V E,   H I L L C R E S T,   N O R T H   S H O R E   C I T Y

Brett Kunkle Dr Jeff Tallon Dr Steve Kumar
Brett Kunkle Dr Jeff Tallon Dr Steve Kumar
international youth speaker award-winning scientist philosopher & apologist
David Riddell Dr Mark Powell Dr Matthew Flannagan
David Riddell Mark Powell Dr Matthew Flannagan
international speaker & counsellor business leader & CEO of The Warehouse Group philosopher & theologian

& others!

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