Who do you know that is:
  • elderly
  • recovering
  • disabled
  • unwell
  • sole parenting
  • or cannot afford to hire labour

BLOKES is here to help your community…

And it is free!

You mean absolutely free?

Yes – Absolutely FREE! If we need to purchase anything to complete your job we will discuss this with you first.

Who are you BLOKES?

We are regular guys from the Baptist Churches on the North Shore. We are motivated to love our community in practical ways because of the love God has lavished on us.

Why do you do this without cost?

We are here to help, not to earn.

What jobs do you take on?

We undertake most exterior and interior jobs that require labour with modest expertise and tools. Just ask us.

What is required of me?

You need to be present for the duration (2-3 hours). Provide the BLOKES with basic refreshments. Undertake to do something kind for someone else, i.e. “pay it forward”.

How do I get hold of Blokes?

Call Chief BLOKE Robin Lane

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